1. Wow, that’s… wow.  They really didn’t put much effort in crafting believable plots or characters, did they?
    (Of course, one would be remiss if one didn’t mention the notion of the black-haired girl competing for the attention of the red-headed guy against a blonde girl named “Betty Cooper”.  Where do they come up with this stuff…?)

    • My guess is that the writers pumped out like 10-15 story ideas a day. “Yeah, in this one the girl is ugly and can’t get a boyfriend. But then she cleans up and BAM!, all the guys fall for her“. “Um, OK, the next one is just like the first but this time she’s a brunette AND fat“. 
      LOL, yeah, I’m sure the writer just finished reading an Archie comic, most likely to rip some ideas off. My favorite part is that the recruiter actually thought screaming “Hey, Butch!” at a girl was a good idea.

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