June block challenge: finished

I made a boo-boo sewing the last two pieces together (the fabric shifted) but my eyes were blurry and I didn’t want to re-do it.

June block challenge: less rough draft

The first thing we did was clean up my sketch. We cut out a (rough) 6 x 6 inch square of graph paper. The reasoning behind that size is I noticed that the blocks used as examples for the block challenge were about 75% empty space. All the color was concentrated in the other 25% […]

Design wall Saturday

We decided that having a design wall would be helpful. My idea was to hang it in the living room but could that it be portable if we wanted to use it in our work area. We followed, with one modification, this tutorial from Elizabeth Hartman’s website. Instead of foam insulation (we couldn’t find any we liked […]

June block challenge: rough draft

Here’s the rough draft sketch for the block. I decided to switch the cyan fabric with the coal fabric. I really liked both but the coal seemed to go better with the other fabric choices. Not much else got done today; we watched The General instead of being productive. superbuzzy’s QuiltCon block challenge fat quarter […]

June block challenge: planning

Here’s a link to the June block challenge. The challenge is WAY out of my comfort zone since it’s an improvisational design. There’s also a lot of rules to play by. At this point being creative and following rules is daunting. I’ll be using the same fabric as the rest of the guild but instead of a […]

May block challenge: finished

Just whipped this out tonight. All the fabric was cut so all that needed to be done is pinning and sewing. Well, some cutting. And ironing (there’s always ironing). I started to use these pins which seem to work better than the cheap-o ones I was using before. I was having some problems with the alignment of […]