3 unfinished blocks

Last night I started working on three unfinished blocks. Right from the get-go something went wrong. The piece of white fabric I had just sewn on got a brown stain on it after we ironed it. This probably was a strip left over from a earlier project in which we used starch. Instead of unstitching the two […]

Sunday sewing

Got this much done before we went by superbuzzy for a bit.

Andres has been a slacker

Yes, we didn’t get a lot done this week. I did buy this fabric on Wednesday. It’s canvas, so the idea to make a bag. Don’t expect this to be done soon. Today we went to the International Quilt Festival Long Beach. The show was…fine. The show floor was a good size and we found interesting […]

Monday Craft Night

Tonight was superbuzzy’s monthly Craft Night. I didn’t craft very much (not at all) but I had fun working on some projects with Mr. superbuzzy. I did buy this Sashiko wash-away print fabric and some Sashiko thread and needles. Yes, Sashiko is my next ‘thing’.

I forgot something

This block turned out to be the hardest yet to finish. About halfway through today’s work I noticed I hadn’t taken any photos. So…here ya go.

Another Another August block(s) part 2

Today was a short session; Maureen needed to finish something before tomorrow and she required all the sewing resources. I also trimmed a previous guild challenge block to fit the requirements for our local county fair’s quilt block entry. We’ll see what happens when I try to enter this tomorrow.