August block challenge

The guild block challenge for August is to take inspiration from a vacation photo and to interpret that as a quilt block (in the modern aesthetic, of course). Next month we have to show both our block and the original photo. I was dreading going to my mother’s house and flipping through hundreds of family vacation snapshots. My older brother was the family photographer and instead of taking pictures of the family he was more apt to photograph trees or rocks or buildings. I have to credit Maureen with mentioning Angel’s Flight.


What I really want to do with this block challenge is try my hand at some more improvisational-style work. I was inspired by the wonderful quilts shown by Karen Anderson Abraham at our quilt guild meeting last night. So, to be honest, any photo I picked would be an excuse to try some improv. I’ll be using the same Kona Quiltcon Bundle I used for the previous challenge for two reasons: 1) I still have lots left over (more of some colors than others) and 2) I like the color palette. I’m planning on using our design wall to work out the block layout.


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