August block challenge: done!

Last night did not start well: two strips of fabric I had sewn together last week got stained from the iron. Maureen promptly cleaned the iron (she thought it might be stuck-on starch). I couldn’t get too mad since it was my idea to try using starch. Since the stains wouldn’t clean off the fabric I replaced them with extras. Starting off with a mistake meant that everything else felt like a victory.

First I sewed the strip sets from last week together:

 I then cut out a block from my finished piece. While the actual size of the block was eyeballed I did make two straight cuts so that framing the block in white fabric would be simple. Then next step was the framing.

And the finished block. I have enough material to make a few more. I really enjoyed working on this and I’m looking forward to the next couple of blocks.

the finished block

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