September Block Challenge

It’s about time to start working on the block challenge that’s due in September. The criteria for the challenge was to make a block using ‘monochromatic fall colors’. I picked four different ‘grey’ Kona cotton fabrics (these four: charcoal, coal, medium grey, ash)  and the block is named, because I’m a smart-ass, Four Shades of Grey. Grey is a fall color, right? 

This was my initial sketch:


After looking at my sketch Maureen said we’d have to make templates. This is my first time making templates. We first sketched them out on 12 x 12 graph paper. We then transferred the sketch to template plastic. After adding the ¼ inch seam allowance the pieces were cut out. Ignore all extra lines drawn on.


This was my first time doing curved piecing so Mo decided to make her block the same as mine so she could teach me the ropes. We first did a ‘trial run’ using some spare fabric. Maureen decided to use the ‘traditional’ curved piecing technique which equates to ‘lots and lots of pins’.


Now it was time to try it out on the Konas.


It was at this point that I came to the conclusion that it was going to take me forever to finish this block and the quality would be lacking. The inner curved piece is still somewhat out of my comfort zone. I already have a plan ‘B’ thought out on how to finish this block. Stay tuned until tomorrow for Four Shades of Grey (The Director’s Cut).


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