Status Update


It’s been a busy week. Monday was our guild’s meeting (which ran long). The focus of the meeting was Gee’s Bend and we (me) screened  The Quiltmakers of Gees Bend. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we pre-cut fabric for a class on Saturday at superbuzzy taught by Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts. I was excited/scared crap-less because this would be my first sewing class. Friday night we went to a Julie Herman book signing at superbuzzy then went home to cut up some more fabric. Today was the class and it went fine. I didn’t get lots done because I spent a considerable amount of time chatting with my fellow students/talking to Julie/trading barbs (all in jest) with Julie. What I was supposed to be working on was Northern Lights. I did get some done and I’ll finish it off at a later date. I consider the class a success (if success is gauged on the amount of fun I had and not how much I got done). In all the excitement I forgot to take pictures…except this one of a bad-ass sewing machine:


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