Oil Museum Quilt: Done!

It was a long week (we worked on our quilts almost non-stop since Friday afternoon) but we both got our quilts finished and dropped off for the show. It’s a relief to be done and now we can work on our next projects at a non-crazy pace.

random thoughts

Just throwing these two lines out here so later I can say “Yeah, I came up with them first”. 1. Quilt and Guilt are only one letter apart. 2. Straight lines are for squares.  ← Keep this one in mind when you check out my quilt.

long weekends

Yup, I’ve once again ignored my blog. I have excuses though! After the cat incident last Saturday we had a plumbing incident which made Saturday evening and Sunday a pain. I did get to work on some negative space blocks but the pictures came out terrible. I’ll re-photograph those later this week and post them here. […]

No class for me

One of the cats has a urinary…thing going on so instead of going to the class (or sewing) I’m stuck following him around the house to monitor how many times he pees.