small business shopping / photo shoot

On Saturday we went to superbuzzy for their small business day 15% sale. I bought: Kona Cottons Candy Blue, Papaya, Rich Red, Iron, Jet Black, White, Lagoon Blue, Lime Green, Carrot and (purchased the very next day) Old Green. I’m planning on using these colors on my next hex-centric quilt. I received some interesting news on […]

New Light

Our new design wall is in a spot with bad lighting. After reading this tutorial on photographing quilts we decided to buy a Verilux HappyLight 6000 Energy Lamp. The results are very acceptable. Natural light is still my first choice but this lamp will work in a pinch.

[Insert terrible excuse here]

I didn’t get around to sewing a lot this week. There’s no real good excuses; I was watching the election coverage on Tuesday and Friday I went to my mom’s house for dinner. On Saturday morning/afternoon I cleaned and Saturday night we had friends over (we played Dominion, a great card game). I cranked away […]

Quilts Go Modern!

Today we went to the opening of Quilts Go Modern! A Fresh Take on Tradition 14th Annual Heritage Valley Festival of Quilts. Linda Wilkinson did a great job setting up the show. It was a unique opportunity to see your own work hanging on a wall and to have people tell you how much they like your handiwork. […]