Quilts Go Modern!


Today we went to the opening of Quilts Go Modern! A Fresh Take on Tradition 14th Annual Heritage Valley Festival of Quilts. Linda Wilkinson did a great job setting up the show. It was a unique opportunity to see your own work hanging on a wall and to have people tell you how much they like your handiwork. I could get used to it.

I’m still working on space / negative and one day I’ll remember to take pictures of my progress. Last weekend we went to Roxanne’s A Wish and A Dream!, a quilt shop in the nearby town of Carpinteria. The shop was very cute and downtown Carpinteria was much nicer than I remember. I wanted to visit the shop because they carry a selection of Singer Featherweight 221s (my new obsession). Unfortunately, the prices were too high for me.

hey, it's me!

hey, it’s me!



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