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I didn’t get around to sewing a lot this week. There’s no real good excuses; I was watching the election coverage on Tuesday and Friday I went to my mom’s house for dinner. On Saturday morning/afternoon I cleaned and Saturday night we had friends over (we played Dominion, a great card game). I cranked away at another block today. I also threw my finished blocks, and some ‘rejected blocks’, up on our new design wall to get an idea of what I have left to do. I want the quilt to be four blocks wide by five blocks long which means I’ll need to make another eleven blocks.

iPhone + terrible lighting

iPhone + terrible lighting

Next week won’t be much better, time wise. The Ventura Modern Quilt Guild’s November meeting is on Monday and we have obligations on other nights. I’m going to make an effort to sit in front of the sewing machine, I promise.

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