Gwen Marston lecture


On Saturday Maureen attended a class taught by Gwen Marston. She enjoyed the class and loved Gwen. She was right to do so. On Sunday we attended a lecture by Gwen. She was a great lecturer and a fun person. Gwen talked about her quilting style, her thoughts on the modern quilt movement, and showed us a variety of her quilts. Both Alissa Haight Carlton and Latifah Saafir from the Modern Quilt Guild were in the audience and added some insightful comments. Kelly from superbuzzy hosted the event. Tickets were only $20 but the event did not have as many attendees as it should have had. Getting to speak to Gwen and to study her quilts is a bargain at triple the cost. If you ever get the chance don’t pass up the opportunity to attend one of Gwen’s classes or lectures.

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