Excuses, excuses (take 23)

I could have quilted today but instead I had lunch/went shopping with my mom. To make up for a non-update here’s a gif of my cats fighting:

Playing with the Horizon 7700

Work has really gotten busy this week and I haven’t gotten a chance to get much accomplished quilt-wise. Tonight I shifted my room around so that I can do some quilting in there if I have a bit of time after work. I’ve been re-organizing my room for a while and I think I have […]

Change of Plans

The original plan was to quilt each square of quilt #2 in a concentric square pattern (using straight stitching). After three lines I found that was going to be tough. Tilting the quilt and  squeezing it through the harp (even the 7700’s nice-sized one) twenty or thirty times per square would be a nightmare. Plan […]

A Valentine’s Gift for Myself

They’re for the design wall. The top needs a few more hooks to keep it from drooping and the I’m going to use the push pins on the bottom two corners.

March Block Challenge / Threadbias Quilt Design Tool

Earlier this week I received my Threadbias Quilt Design Tool beta invite. I decided to try it out by designing my block for the VMQG March block challenge. The March challenge is to create a block (in the modern quilt aesthetic) inspired by your favorite city. I chose San Francisco and decided to make a block that […]

February Block Challenge: Napkin

Our quilt guild’s February block challenge was to make a napkin. I won’t lie: I took a backseat to Maureen on this project. We followed this tutorial, more or less. The smaller strip of linen is 3 inches wide; the large piece is 12 inches wide. The Echino fabric was cut wide enough to fit […]

Sewing Room

I’ve re-organized my office to make it more of a sewing room. Some of the big changes are: A ready-made design wall, removing a computer desk (and mothballing a PC), shifting around the sewing machine table and utility table, and moving boxes to the garage. There’s still more to do but that will have to […]