Initial quilting done

I’ve decided to pull out a lot of stitching, but a little at a time while working on other projects. After that’s all fixed I’ll add more in-between lines.

chugging along

I worked on the other half of the quilt today. I’m trying harder not to screw up, I swear! I’ll finish by next week and then I’ll figure out where to go from there.

I done f**cked up

I noticed my quilting veering to the right as I went down the quilt. I didn’t mind the quilt lines not being perfectly straight but I knew I had to fix it. I tried to compensate but not well enough. I was in a hurry to finish that half of the quilt during my only […]

LCD screen

I like having all the default/recommended setting right on the LCD screen. The two most helpful pieces of information are the recommended foot pressure and thread tension settings. As a newbie I’m thankful for this feature.

quick post #2

One of my readers (I have readers ‽ ‽ ‽) recommended the FootBook iPhone/iPad app. The app is a reference manual of Janome machine feet. The manual is thorough and the videos are helpful (I do get buffering issues on my iPad, pausing and replaying the videos work). The only downside is the $6.99 price that is […]

quick post #1

Yup, work has kept us pretty busy. My enthusiasm for being crafty is pretty low now. Here’s a couple of quick posts: My local sewing machine shop was named a Exceptional Janome Dealer!