out with the old

Our old bug reached the end of its life Friday. The cost of repairs were more than car payments on a new car. And so we bought a new Bug. We had no urge to pay car payments again but we didn’t have much of a choice. The unexpected part was the sense of loss […]

best laid plans etc. etc.

These were the plans for today: 1. Go to Ikea 2. Go to Marukai (a Japanese supermarket) 3. Go to Sew Modern. We got about halfway to Ikea when a nasty-looking warning light started blinking in the car dash. We turned right around and went home. So, adiós to the plans of buying furniture for my sewing […]

long weekend and purchases

Tax season is officially-officially over as of this afternoon. We get tomorrow off and I’ll post about our adventures later in the day (none of our plans are set in stone and I don’t want to jinx it). After work today we went by Art & Jenny’s and I bought a Ditch Quilting Foot For AcuFeed. […]

scrapping the scraps and other terrible word plays

My measly scraps aren’t going to cut the mustard. That cardboard cut-out above is the (temporary) template for the next top. No biggie though, I have enough Kona solids to last me through this project.