best laid plans etc. etc.

These were the plans for today: 1. Go to Ikea 2. Go to Marukai (a Japanese supermarket) 3. Go to Sew Modern. We got about halfway to Ikea when a nasty-looking warning light started blinking in the car dash. We turned right around and went home. So, adiós to the plans of buying furniture for my sewing room. After a short stop at home we went out and made a big purchase, which I’ll speak about tomorrow. We then stopped by Target to buy an ironing board for my room.


The last stop of the day was a trip to Toys R Us to buy some Lego series 10 Minifigs. There was one, just one, minifig I didn’t want: the Motorcycle Mechanic. You can guess the next part.


Mo had better luck.

Mo had better luck.

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