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Quiltography is a new quilt designing app for the iPad. The app lets you upload pictures of your fabric (and can serve as a nice list of your stash) and then use those uploads to create blocks using the built-in template blocks. Creating a quilt from your custom blocks is easy. The interface is intuitive with enough options to create without overwhelming the user with a steep learning curve. The biggest improvement to the quilt design tool I’d like to see is the ability to export a quilt pattern/amounts of fabric needed list. Right now Quiltography doesn’t let you set a size for your quilt, just how many blocks it’s made of.

The Quiltography app also includes a ‘photoQuilt’ tool that lets you create pixel quilts from uploaded pictures. The interface of this tool is intuitive as well. What this tool does better than the quilt building tool is exporting a PDF quilt pattern. The instructions were detailed and looked easy to follow.

While not as powerful a tool as Illustrator or Electric Quilt (but MUCH cheaper and easier to learn) I do think Quiltography can be very helpful to brainstorm a quilt idea. I’m eagerly waiting to see what improvements the developers have planned for future updates.

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  1. Thank you for the details of this new quilt design app. It seem to have some great features to make it easy to plan a quilt especially the convenience to upload possible fabrics.

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