A majority of the stitching I wasn’t happy with has been pulled and that half of the quilt has been re-safety pinned. Now it’s time for quilting (again). This time I’m going to follow Jacquie Gering’s tutorial which uses painter’s tape to assist in quilting straight lines.

My new (to me) Singer Featherweight

I wanted a portable machine to use when I take the Weeks/Ringle workshop in August that Kelly is hosting. I bought it on eBay after searching locally for one for a few months. It’s not that I couldn’t find any; I just couldn’t find any in my price range. The serial number on my machine […]


Our house has terrible natural lighting so I end up using lamps even when it’s still sunny outside. My go-to light bulb is the OttLite natural daylight bulb (25 watt). Although I’m very happy with these bulbs I wanted to try out a LED bulb to see how it compares to the OttLite. I bought a Cree […]

hex finally cut

This is what I’ve been up to lately, but in no great hurry. It’s not going to be perfect because I cut the strips improvisationally but I’ll be happy with however it turns out. The next step piecing the triangles.