Our house has terrible natural lighting so I end up using lamps even when it’s still sunny outside. My go-to light bulb is the OttLite natural daylight bulb (25 watt). Although I’m very happy with these bulbs I wanted to try out a LED bulb to see how it compares to the OttLite. I bought a Cree 9-Watt Daylight light bulb after reading this review of their warm light version. After some unscientific testing I found I still prefer the OttLite bulb for accurate color presentation while the LED uses less electricity and is perfect for most work I do in my sewing room. Most of the pictures I took don’t capture the difference in color but this side by side photo shows that the white areas of my Kona color card look cream-ish under the LED. Both bulbs cost about the same ($12-$14) but Jo-Ann’s usually has the OttLite bulbs on sale for 50% off.

side x side

Some quick specs:

Color temperature (both fall into the range that’s advertised as natural light): OttLite: 5850 Kelvin Cree: 5000 Kelvin

Actual wattage (important if you’re looking to save on your electricity bill): OttLite: 25w Cree: 9w

Wattage equivalence (as compared to an incandescent bulb): OttLite: 100w Cree: 60w

Light output (brightness): OttLite: 1425 lumens Cree: 800 lumens


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