Bill Kerr Workshop / International Quilt Festival Long Beach 2013

Phew, this was a long weekend! On Saturday we attended (the last) International Quilt Festival Long Beach 2013. We had a blast. The quilt exhibits were more interesting (IMHO) than in years past and there was more modern merchandise being sold. We shopped (superbuzzy had a booth), I got my customary grief from Julie Herman, I met (in person) Luke Haynes, we chatted with multiple VMQG members, and had a spectacular lunch (Greek).

On Sunday we attended a workshop taught by Bill Kerr (of the Modern Quilt Studio). The title of the workshop was The Role of Color in Your Quilts. Here the description:

We will look at a variety of quilts as well as analyze art, sculpture, architecture, gardens, and images of daily life for inspiration and to better understand the role of color in design. Using individual and group color explorations you will learn analytical tools needed to use color with confidence. You will leave the workshop with a deeper understanding of the role of color in your quilts and with a renewed excitement about making quilts. Participant will also begin a color portrait during the second half of the class.

The class was both entertaining and informative. I learned about color theory and gained more appreciation for what goes into making a great quilt. Bill Kerr was a superb teacher and a good guy.


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