an experiment


I had the bright idea that using a ditch quilting foot would be useful not only to, as the name implies, stitch in the ditch but also in quilting straight lines. My theory was that I could butt the guild next to a line of painter’s tape and it would be easier to keep the quilting line straight. I haven’t tried it before because the specialty foot requires adjusting the thread tension (I HATE changing the default settings on my machine). I put together a quick quilt sandwich to practice on and started sewing. What I found, and it is obvious in hindsight, is that the guide pushes the fabric ahead of the foot. I started seeing fabric lumps all along the top. This is a complication I don’t need. The foot was supposed to help, not add another variable. Sure, I could play with the guide, maybe wiggling it so it doesn’t push so hard on the fabric but that doesn’t guarantee that it won’t goof something up in the middle of a project. The foot does better sewing along the ditch, as intended, but Maureen and I noticed some lumping. Unfortunately, this foot gets put away, at least for now, and I’ll be using my trusty dual feed foot.


ditch foot


dual feed foot

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  1. I’ve tried both and dual feed is the clear winner on my machine as well.
    I do use the Long Quilting Guide Bar that came with my machine to space out quilt lines the distance that I choose. I use masking tape to mark the guide so it doesn’t jiggle out of place. Do you have one that came with your machine? This is what mine looks like it works very well. Give it a try if you have one.

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