finally, thankfully, done

The last couple of steps to finish this quilt took much longer that it should. Between personal, guild, and work responsibilities our weekends have been booked. We squared the quilt and tried figuring out what final size it should be. We opted not to futz with it too much, we were scared we’d end up chopping one side a bit, then the other, then the other etc.




Last year we heard Gwen Marston speak about her quilting and she mentioned she used single-fold binding on her quilts. Her opinion was that if it was good enough for the Mennonites it was good enough for her. That struck me because the quilting community is IMHO stuck on double fold, on the bias binding. My quilts are not going to be used, they will hang on a wall until I put them away. For me straight of grain binding is good enough. I think the single-fold binding worked well on my quilt, the binding looks like another row of quilting. I like the fact it looks like there’s no binding at all. The binding was all done on a sewing machine. Bill Kerr mentioned they machine bind all their quilts. Hand binding for me takes forever. If machine binding is good enough for him it’s good enough for me.



The last step is to take some good photos and submit the quilt to Road to California. There’s no chance the quilt will be accepted but I’m doing it because I’m proud of my effort. I think my straight-line quilting is improving. Some day they’ll maybe even be straight.

I made this block for someone. I can’t say who. đŸ™‚

bday block

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  1. You know, I didn’t even know binding was a thing on my first few quilts. I grew up around quilting but didn’t start till college and didn’t have anyone to ask. I just folded the back of the quilt onto the top of the quilt.

    Anyway, lightning didn’t strike me or my binding so we’re safe doing whatever we want to our quilts, cause they’re ours. I have come to love some on the bias double fold but I think on the grain binding is better for wall-hangings because it’s straighter.

  2. I also use the same method for binding as Bill and Weeks. Several years ago when they came out with their first book they mentioned that they use single fold binding and machine bind the whole thing. That is when I also thought “if they can do it why can’t I”? I have mentioned this method in my local Modern quilt guild but I’ve received very little enthusiasm for the technique. Hand binding seems to be much more fashionable. I am glad someone else is blogging about it and hopefully will inspire others to try it. I can machine bind a twin size quilt in two hours how cool is that!

    I like your modern quilts and I have enjoyed reading your blog, keep it up đŸ˜‰

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