final color palette

Phew, this was a busy week! I finally got back into the sewing room today. I decided to cut back on the color palette some more. I’m worried that if I use too many colors the quilt will be too…muddled. Most of this afternoon was dedicated to cutting out strips. It takes me FOREVER to […]

square one

This will (someday) be a half-hexagon quilt…with a twist. A discussion with Maureen over how many colors to use lead me to remove a considerable amount of pieces. The color palette will now be a lot less busy than I originally planned. The next step is to cut out lots more pieces, with an emphasis […]

Poppy Hill Quilt

I wanted to make a quilt inspired by the movie From Up on Poppy Hill. Maritime signal flags have a special significance to the main character. I’ve taken artistic license with the flag’s color schemes since I wanted to use Robert Kaufman’s new Kona cotton solids colors. There are more blocks to come.  


Congrats to Sara (you’ll have that dress done by Market, right?) and Laurene! I’ll ship the fabric by next week. 

long, long, week

Besides long work days (a tax filing deadline is coming up) and a vet visit today I didn’t touch my sewing machine. This weekend…yes, I’ll be productive then. Oh, I did do something! I was so blown away by the wonderful ideas the commenters had for the fabric that I decided to buy more. Yes, […]

Not My Thing

This fabric doesn’t appeal to me. I do know others love it. So, what would you do with this fabric? Leave a comment with your plans for this…interesting print and I’ll pick one winner to receive two yards of it. If you need more (really?) you can buy this fabric from where I got it: superbuzzy. […]

Yellow, like the sun…It’s HOT!

This is the last of my scrap squares. What happens next with them will have to wait, it’s too darn warm/dry/allergy-inducing today. This is the first major Santa Ana winds event of the year and I’m really feeling it. Next on the agenda is a sewing machine cleaning, some organizing of my room, and maybe […]

More iron info

These comments explain A LOT. I was having these same issues but just chalked them up to ‘Andres done screwed up’.