I have lots of blues

Even more now that the new Konas are out.


In other news: I got a new iron. I was using the Black & Decker Classic Iron which was recommended to me because of its inexpensive price and wrinkle-vanquishing abilities. To its credit both those points are correct. Unfortunately, the iron is 85% HOT surface and I’m, obviously, not good at not burning myself. I bought a Panasonic NI-E650TR which had the right ratio of price to good reviews on Amazon. The new iron is lighter and glides better over the fabric. I’m pretty sure I’m safer around it. For a good review of irons check out this post at Sew Mama Sew by Sara Lawson.

In other, other news: I bought a Wii U (technically I bought it with AMEX points). I’m not going to let it get in the way of sewing though. 😉

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  1. Hahaha…who are you kidding that Wii U is definitely going to get in the way; but it’s all in good fun. Nobody said you can only have 1 hobby or form of entertainment. YAY for you!

    Love this blue block.

  2. Last week I just switched from the Panasonic NI-E650TR to the Black & Decker Digital Advantage. I loved the Panasonic, but the non-stick was wearing off the sole-plate, and I wanted to try an iron with higher wattage and bigger sole-plate. I’m still uncertain as to whether my switch was a good one or not. The B & D leaves imprints on my fabric, so I find myself ironing more than pressing to avoid that. But, it does get hotter, and my seams are flatter.

    The only real issue I had with the Panasonic was when I used steam (rarely…I prefer a dry iron). Just watch out for those brownish little lint balls that can collect in the steam holes on the soleplate. I ruined some fabric when that junk spattered out. I’m sure it had *nothing* to do with my not cleaning the iron as often as I should have been (d’oh!).

    Great block, and have fun (but not *too* much fun!) with the Wii U!

  3. i just saw this in the MQG post. I friggin’ LOVE this!! How have I not seen this before? If i had seen this in the back room of the superbuzzy workshop last week, I would have pulled the fire alarm and grabbed it in all the chaos that ensued. Then I would have changed my name and moved to Spain. taking this with me. It would have been worth all that.

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