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This fabric doesn’t appeal to me. I do know others love it. So, what would you do with this fabric? Leave a comment with your plans for this…interesting print and I’ll pick one winner to receive two yards of it. If you need more (really?) you can buy this fabric from where I got it: superbuzzy.


fine print: US shipping only (unless you want to foot the bill). I’ll use one of those random-number thingie sites to choose a winner. I’ll pick a winner on October 16th. I’m not responsible if this fabric makes your eyes bleed from its awesomeness.

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  1. A (single) giant log cabin quilt with wide strips. Strips wide enough to show the cool design, but balanced with enough alternate sold space not to overwhelm. I love superbuzzy.

  2. Its a girly fabric. I can still make a modern quilt out of this. This is perfect fabric for fuzzy cutting.
    I like a challenge when you think something won’t work and how to make it pleasing for our aesthetic. Love to win this.

  3. What’s not to love about flowers, butterflies, kittens and wildlife all combined in one print??? Maybe you have to be from a certain era (think 1960s Hippies) like me to actually appreciate this beauty!

  4. That’s pretty fabulous. Might fussy cut a bit of it, but would try to keep most of it whole to show off its fabulousness. Either a back for a quilt, or a wholecloth quilt–show it off on the front! (Btw, came over here from the MQG blog post and explored a bit–you do great work!)

  5. I love this fabric. I think it’s the best crazy-cat-hawk-stag fabric that I have ever seen! in the history of crazy-cat-hawk-stag fabric. Of which I am a connoisseur.

  6. What an incredibly girly fabric. I am not surprised it doesn’t appeal to a man… Sigh… I think this would make a cute skirt for my daughter or a fun small quilt.

  7. How can you say it is not your style, wink wink! It is a bit much isn’t it
    But there are enough different parts to put in the center of an eye spy block, or even a cathedral windows block, or even both. Have to think on which!

    You do a great job, continue with the great workmanship.

  8. This is the most horrible/awesome fabric I have ever seen. Quilt back? What a waste. I would need people to see this. I envision an ironic crime scene, where the victim is bleeding butterflies, and the kitties are witnesses, and the deer is dressed up like Columbo (I would have to add some other fabric to pull off the Columbo character, also the most horrible/awesome television show ever!). I would probably add some of the kitties as crime scene investigators, but the main investigator would have to be the deer. He exudes authority! The crime victim (also a kitty, or maybe a deer, I would have to see the whole fabric to decide) would be laying on a bed of flowers to comfort him in his most horrible demise. It would be a pictorial quilt for the ages, I promise! Check out our website. I’m the Graphic Designer at KU Medical Center (go Jayhawks!). Me and a friend are thinking of starting a quilt guild for KU since there are so many of us working there. :o)

  9. Wow! That has to be one of the most terrifying/glorious fabric I have ever seen. I would probably make a tote bag to take to work so my students will think I am even more crazy. 🙂

  10. i think i would need to use it to make a wrap skirt…i want to share the awesomeness of this fabric with the world! with the left overs, i would probably fussy cut some choice pieces for an english paper piecing project. thanks for the chance to win!

  11. This fabric speaks to me as pillow cases. Imagine all the fabulous crazy dreams as rest your head on this and slumber through the night!

  12. I am not sure what I would do with the deer area, but the part with the kitties and butterflies would work into a border or a part of a scenic quilt. I would do some fussy cutting as well and work them into quilt blocks.

    I cam to your site from the TMQG.

  13. Hi, after reading all the replies. ..gulp! I was hit with inspiration! That truly ah ha moment. I have a granddaughter who is off to college next spring. She can’t take her kitty or her cat…so sad. But this fabric is just her thing…she loves animals and she would truly love her dorm decked out in this…shower or closet curtian…a a throw pillow or two…she is flower child and although I would go nuts sewing this grandmas do make sacrifices…right? For Free fabric why not!? By the way love your work…

  14. Aw-some fabric. What I envision would be to cut some very large squares and partner them with additional large squares that are patchworked with bold and bright solids. The main attraction would be to practice FMQ around all of the butterflies, kittens, flowers, etc. I’m still a big chicken when it comes to FMQ and this would give me the nudge I need.

  15. Wow, this fabric is perfect for English Paper Pieced hexagons, you would get random snippets in each hexagon, you could make a jumbled up jig-saw puzzle like quilt, where all the pieces are scattered every which way!

    Probably makes a great kaleidoscope or 4-patch posie quilt where you have 4/6 identical pieces in a block.

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