nothing got done this weekend

Between 1. cleaning in anticipation of family coming over 2. family coming over 3. resting from family coming over 4. a little shopping (mostly local businesses) 5. more family coming over…well, nothing got done. I did get this though, a new ironing station!

more than 15 minutes, I think

I want the back of this quilt to be a mix of different fabric scraps. Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s fabric-making technique seemed like a perfect fit for the job. I love the technique and being improvisational but it took a lot longer than 15 minutes! The first few blocks will be pieced from scraps from cutting out half-hexagons […]

quick photo shoot and more work on half-hex quilt

The first part of today was a quick photo shoot for…something. You’ll have to wait. Friends (and guild-mates) Scott and Greg helped me out immensely by photographing the hex quilt. Next I worked on the half-hex quilt some more. It’s not there yet, I’ll need to consult with the resident expert.