last, LAST opportunity quilt block

I started this block on Friday. Large parts of it were salvaged from a block that sucked. It’s too late to go into the opportunity quilt so now will be the first block of a future quilt top. The outer area is yellow which was not used in the other opportunity blocks because the opportunity […]

last opportunity quilt block

I finished this one on…Thursday night? I can’t remember, it has been a busy Friday and Saturday. I’ll sew tomorrow, the old batteries are recharging on the couch today.

sunday shenanigans

We started off the day by visiting a quilt show in nearby Santa Paula. Not Just Another Plain Jane Quilt is hosted by the Heritage Valley Quilt Guild which, last year, hosted a VMQG-centric modern quilt show. Afterwards we stopped at superbuzzy. Later I got one more block done for our guild’s opportunity quilt. Aaaaand then the MQG announced […]

regarding modern #1 (well, #2 really)

This is a follow-up to this post where I talked a bit about labels and wishy-washy statements (hey, my blog, I get to call the wishy-washy shots). I’ve wanted to express my feelings about quilting in general and modern quilting specifically for a while. There’s no better place than my blog, right? You might not agree […]

Olympics, what Olympics?

Phew, this has been a long week! Monday was the VMQG February meeting. It was our first meeting at our new venue that required A/V equipment so we got there over an hour early to organize tables, find electrical plugs, etc. Tuesday was overtime at work, errands and post-meeting paperwork. Wednesday was more errands. Thursday […]

Regarding Labels

In any group of quilters (like the two Facebook groups I belong to) the question what kind of quilter? will eventually be asked. I’ll admit: I was the first to ask it in one of the groups. The other eventuality is that someone will answer the question with a variation of “I don’t label myself, labels hold […]

Every once in a while I’m productive

This is the front to my last ‘square within a square’ project (I’m in a phase, deal with it). The front is 48″ x 48″ (when trimmed/squared) and the fabrics are Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton Wasabi, Fog, Sunny, and Oasis. I’m planning on this being a double-sided quilt with the reverse side pieced from Robert […]