regarding modern #1 (well, #2 really)

the current quilt is 48" x 48"

the current quilt is 48″ x 48″

This is a follow-up to this post where I talked a bit about labels and wishy-washy statements (hey, my blog, I get to call the wishy-washy shots). I’ve wanted to express my feelings about quilting in general and modern quilting specifically for a while. There’s no better place than my blog, right? You might not agree with what I say. That’s OK, these are just my feelings on stuff. And I’ll bold this next section: these are my opinions, not those of the Ventura MQG, the national MQG or any other organization I might be affiliated with.

The definition of modern quilting fits my aesthetic sensibilities to a tee. Well, mostly. What part doesn’t? It turns out it is the very first sentence: Modern quilts are primarily functional. I can see why that’s part of the definition, it sets modern quilts apart from art quilts which tend to be wall hangings. I think that statement is more retro than anything else. It is a throwback to the original purpose of quilts. I don’t make quilts to be used, I make them as an artistic outlet. Look, I live in southern California, I need quilts like I need a fireplace (which I don’t have). Since I don’t feel the need to make my quilts queen-size I follow a rule that I picked up from Gwen Marston: you make your quilts the size needed to express your idea for that quilt. If your idea can be expressed with a small quilt you don’t need to super-size it. Not caring about size or function is liberating for me, it lets quilting fit me instead of the other way around. That, to me, is modern.

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  1. I have also struggled (not a lot) about the modern part of the name. What is modern today is not modern tomorrow. I believe it is still evolving and always will be. No one questions “Mid-Modern Furniture” and it represents the 1950’s. Modern is just that. It is fresh and new.

    There have been lots of definitions out there for the modern quilting movement. It is different for everyone. For me, it represents doing what feels right to you. There really has never been a quilt police out there. You always could do as you like, but today the rules are out there to be broken, freeing you up creatively. It is the attitude that has changed.

    In one definition I read that a LOT of white is used, not gray. In another I read that gray is predominant. I don’t believe either statement is correct (for me). Also, no jewel tones. Really, I see lots of them. Bottom line is that what is correct is what is comfortable for you.

    My definition is: Quilting skills should be the best you can do and learn the new ones as they come along. The color is what makes you happy. The size is decided by the project’s use and what looks best. That is merely my personal definition and not anyone else’s. You have to decide on your own definition. And, why do we even have to have one?

    If quilting makes you happy and fulfills your creative side, congratulations. You are a modern quilter!

    Don’t sweat the small stuff, just enjoy!

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