the Oscars are on?!?!?!?

Sometime this…week (?) I made a joke about buying myself a gift when I hit 300 followers on Instagram. I didn’t intend to buy anything, it was just another joke in my long line of jokes on Instagram. But then people started to ask what I was getting so I had to take one for the team and buy myself a gift. It just so happens we were going to Sew Modern on Saturday so I bought my gift there.


hi sara!

Yes, the Blythe dolls made an appearance on Saturday. They had fun hanging out together (shut up).


After Sew Modern we drove down to Camera Obscura in Santa Monica and attended a quilt show from Luke Haynes. I’m not annoyed in this photo, I just always look annoyed. The quilt is a collaboration between Luke and fellow quilter Joe Cunningham.


Instead of starting on my next plannedĀ project I decided to make some improv blocks. They are inspired by some blocks from Jacquie Gering. We’ll see where this goes from here.



Every tax season I obsess over something. This obsession keeps me sane. One year it was Star Wars (I ended up buying a custom light saber), last year it was Hayao Miyazaki movies (damn shame he didn’t win the Oscar). One of the recurring obsessions is music and this year my focus is on Queen and more specifically the song below. I’ll be listening to it a lot until April 15th:


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