Harbor Freight / Home Depot buys

Harbor Freight is a dangerous place. For those not-in-the-know Harbor Freight is a low-cost tool and equipment store. There’s no way you can walk out of Harbor Freight without a few dirt-cheap tools or knick-knacks. My quilting tool box is full of gear from Harbor Freight. Last week I asked on Instagram for quilting/cutting glove suggestions and HF was mentioned more than once. Click HERE for more quilting-related HF items. I bought the two gloves below:

The yellow gloves are the ones I’m using for cutting. There’s a future project where I’ll be using a small ruler and I’m scared I’ll accidentally draw blood. The glove surface grips my rulers and I’ve noticed less slippage. The gloves breathe well but, to be fair, I haven’t worn them for long periods. Do they prevent cuts? I’m not crazy enough to test that out! The pair cost $3. The black gloves I bought to help me grip a quilt while quilting. I haven’t really tried them yet but they do seem to be grippy. One way or another they were just $2.

The other tool shop-related trip we’ve made in the last week or so was to Home Depot to buy a Stanley 3-in-1 Rolling Workshop to use as a mobile sewing center for sewing classes, etc. Happy Zombie found that this toolbox-on-wheels works perfectly to lug around a Singer Featherweight and tons of tools (including an iron). The toolbox is a great (and cheap) solution for transporting sewing gear away from your home. One caveat: the toolbox’s center of gravity is…scary. Even while weighed down with a sewing machine and tools the box can be easily tipped over. I’d highly recommend leaning the toolbox against a wall and not leaving it freestanding somewhere a fellow sewist can topple it over with a light bump.

I’d also probably add some foam below the sewing machine so that the sewing machine isn’t in direct contact with the bottom of the case.

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  1. I’ve also found locking tweezers, which are great for holding onto the sewing machine needle putting it in and out, incase you drop it, it does go into the machine! I have a black & decker case, similar in design. You can store rulers, thread, … first time I took it to a sewing class, the women knew that it was a guy’s sewing case. But they soon found out that a fishing tackle box makes a great quilters storage box.

    I also have a John Deer Metal lunch box, tiny kid size, that is great for scissors, stiletto, needles, …

  2. Love Harbor Freight! We don’t have one nearby, so when we see one when traveling we pretty much raid the store. I’ll definitely be on the lookout from a quilty perspective next time! Great finds!!

  3. I love Harbor Freight! Got a lot of sewing equipment from there for a fraction of the price at the LQS!

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