SEWjo Saturday 2 / Starting a new top before finishing the last

I should finish this quilt top, right? Well, I kinda like the idea of working on blocks during this busy time. It lets me accomplish something even when I have a short amount of time to sew.

I’m trying to recreate some blocks I made for our quilt guild. I really liked the look and I wanted to make more. The one technique I’m adding to each block is what I’m calling franken-fabric (I’m sure there’s a right way to call this). I’m cutting big pieces of fabric into oddly shaped, smaller pieces then sewing them together to create fabric with many stitch lines. It started as a necessity: I wanted to use scraps to create the blocks for our guild’s opportunity quilt. I had to piece the smaller scraps together because I just didn’t have enough. Now I like what it looks like.


the franken-fabric pre-squaring



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  1. Hahaha…I just left a comment on a newer post of yours talking about how I like the look of your pieced fabric. Then discover that you named this “Franken-Fabric”. I guess if I read my feed from oldest to newest I would have known that. 🙂

  2. I love the Franken Fabric. As a teacher, I usually have students fix their artwork if it’s torn or broken, and I tell them they have to Frankenstein it together. Intentional Frankenstein is looking really nice, I think I will have to try the technique myself.

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