More Virtual Shenanigans

I really wanted to attend Quilt Market this spring┬ábut it’s not going to happen. Work is busier than it should be and the money I would have spent on the trip should go towards some needed home improvements. With that in mind I’ve concocted another ‘virtual’ Instagram event: Join in on the fun!

I’ll be productive tomorrow

Yesterday we went to Los Angeles to see Luke Hayne‘s new art/quilt show. It was a perfect combination of friends/quilts/great conversation and…free booze. Today we went to Santa Barbara to buy a new camera and to walk around a bit. It will take a while to learn how to use it. I’m hoping the quality […]

post-tax season

It was a rough one but now it is over (for another year, at least). There’s a few quilting-related projects that will keep me busy for the upcoming weeks. There was no time to work on them before but now its time to get down to work. As you can see I’ve changed the look […]

virtual sewdown

There wasn’t enough time to finish a block today┬ábut there was time for some virtual sewdown shenanigans on Instagram. Search IG for #virtualsewdown for some photos (until I can figure out how to show the photos here).