A post in three parts

1. (The Crown)

My friend, and fellow MQG community site moderator, Christine got me this super-duper crown. It is, bar none, the coolest thing ever.



Thanks again!

2. (More Blocks)

Yes, I’m back to this. I’m hoping to have enough blocks done by…maybe mid-May (holy crud, it’s already mid-May! Let’s say…late May). Then I actually have to finalize the design of the front (I’ve already figured out the back).

05.11.2014a 05.11.2014b 05.11.2014c 05.11.2014d 05.11.2014e 05.11.2014f

3. (The Power of Social Media)


I posted the picture above while at Joann’s on Saturday. I meant nothing more than to make a snarky observation. The manufacturer of the scissors was mentioned in a comment and, suddenly, they’re asking which specific store was shown. It goes to show that even though I see my social media accounts as a source of light-hearted humor and camaraderie with friends others see it as SERIOUS BUSINESS. I didn’t want to get anyone in trouble with my post. I will be more careful in the future with what I post.

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  1. I think the scissors are upside-down because they put a security lock on them to keep them from being stolen. If they were right-side-up, the paper could be torn, making the security lock useless. But, it is pretty funny…at my Joann’s, they usually put a laminated card on the hook and you have to take the card to get the scissors.

  2. Every time you posted one of your blocks this weekend, I thought, “Is he wearing that crown? He totally should be. These blocks rock!” You really have a talent for Improv block making! I’m thrilled with Maureen’s work, and that you like it! Rule on, King of Improv!

    Also, it’s amazing how a simple post can turn into something you least expect. I enjoy your wry humor, and satirical type posts. Keep on doin’ what you do.

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