Memorial Day Weekend

And thus concludes the planned blocks for the Off Centre (like the fancy spelling?) quilt top. The design of the top is improvisational-heavy so there’s a chance I’ll need to make more blocks (although, to be honest, I’m not looking forward to making more). Tomorrow I start on the white fabric which will go in-between the blocks.

05.25.2014a 05.25.2014b2 05.25.2014c 05.25.2014d

My Quick Review of Photoshop Elements:


I like it, with a few clicks I can tweak the colors in my photos to look natural. The software successfully gives the user enough tools to do what they want to do but doesn’t overwhelm with TOO many options (like the full version of Photoshop). Elements was worth the $86.

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  1. These are really interesting blocks and I’m loving what I’m seeing! And I know this is an odd thing to notice but your pressing looks very crisp and perfect.

  2. These blocks are brilliant! Any one of them would be an amazing (large) quilt in and of itself. I cannot wait to see how you set these together!


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