off centre quilt top done


I finally got this done. It still needs to be squared but the final size should be around 70×70. Now, let’s talk about the back. The original idea for the back was a large version of one of the blocks on the front. This idea just isn’t gonna fly, it’s going to take too damn long. Plan B is a very simple back that will highlight the quilting I’m planning on doing. The next steps for this project are: 1. piece the simple back 2. practice my quilting idea on two extra blocks I set aside. At some point I’ll need to get my Janome serviced which will put everything on hold.

I finished this top last night and, after clearing my design wall, I realized that the quilt top fit on my wall but I couldn’t back up enough to photograph it. Hence, I had to photograph the top in my backyard before the cloud cover cleared and shadows made it impossible to photograph it.

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  1. Fantastic!! So playful and cute! The piecing of the background is a surprise touch and looks wonderful with these blocks! Congrats, Andres!

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