QuiltCon Tuesday

I hope QuiltCon registration went adequately for everyone. As a lapsed comic book fan who has attended ComicCon I’m used to the cluster f**k that is registration for a popular event. Registration will be annoying, no matter how much planning goes into it. I took a vacation day to both register without the stress of running off to work and to help out the MQG staff calm nerves. If my Instagram feed is any indication most people got into someĀ of the classes/lectures/workshops they wanted. Improvements to the registration process can always be made but, don’t forget, room is limited and not everyone can take the ‘hot’ classes. Oh, and speaking of QuiltCon, I can finally officially put this on my site:

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If my IG/FB feeds weren’t busy enough today with QuiltCon posts the lovely women at Right Sides Together posted a lovely profile of me. Click on the picture below to be taken to the post.


And if today wasn’t busy enough tonight is the VMQG June board meeting. These vacation days are killing me!

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