Featherweight Wednesday

My Janome 7700 is in the shop getting its yearly tune-up so I decided to get some practice in with the Featherweight. After using the 7700 on a daily basis for the last year the Featherweight feels SMALL in comparison. That’s not a bad thing, just a variable to get used to. I’m not sure the Featherweight will ever be my go-to machine, I like my modern machine too much. I do want to start using the Featherweight for classes, sew-ins etc. though; the Janome weighs too damn much to lug around.


The Featherweights name is Cosima.

The Featherweights’ name is Cosima.


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  1. This makes me smile because my featherweight is definitely my go to machine we are like old friends….since I’ve been sewing on her for well over 48 years… I don’t see our relationship changing. Even though a newer more modern sibling may show up she will never loose her #1 spot!

  2. Lovely to meet you Cosima. I love my Agatha very much and she does come along on sew ins and retreats. I recently got a 1/4″ teflon foot for her that has been a great help with my piecing accuracy!

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