Don’t Look At The Back

And that’s that. I finished this top just in time to go pick up my 7700. It was a side trip into a type of quilting I don’t expect to do often. I’ll finish it eventually but for now I’m happy that the top is done. The next couple of days will be quilting-light so it was nice finishing something before Monday night’s quilt guild meeting/my mom’s knee replacement surgery/etc.

Oh, and yes, I know none of the points match. The points don’t match because I offset all the rows by design. Don’t call the Quilt Police down on my. And speaking of the Quilt Police: you know that advice about not checking out the kitchen of a restaurant you like? Well, don’t look at the back of this quilt top, it’s terrible. It’s not up to my standards. Part of it was pieced during the class and I was in a hurry, I had the wrong foot on my machine etc. I’ve already posted about the issues I had with the dark grey fabric.


I bought the Janome Quilt Binder Set today. I got a real good deal on it but it was still not cheap. I justify the purchase because I HATE BINDING quilts. Yes, both binding by hand and by machine (slightly less by machine).

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  1. Looks great, interesting to read about your experience sewing with the different types of fabrics. Don’t worry, I’m not the “Q-Police” and if you don’t want me to look at your backsides, then I won’t! From my experience working with binder attachments (and I’m not at all sure the Janome is the same as the BERNINA), it requires a lot of fooling-around with and adjusting with some scraps up front before you begin with your real project. Once you have everything adjusted and in-line, it (technically) should work great! Can’t wait to read about your binding experience – I haven’t tried using one to bind a quilt with yet. But then again, binding is one of my favorite parts of making a quilt!

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