Four topics in search of a post

1. Update


I’ve been quilting! I’ve finished the quilting on two quilts and I have three more to go. It is going slowly but they are getting done. The first quilt has more than a fair share of mistakes that will take time to fix. I’m hoping to take some time off of work to finish these quicker. The scariest part is I’ve agreed to show some of these quilts tomorrow at the LAMQG meeting. I don’t like showing off my quilts, I might just drop off the bag and run out the door. And speaking of quilting…

2. Washing Quilts-Gate


Man, once again I had to justify what I do with my quilts. I’ve come to the conclusion that from now on I’ll only have this discussion in person. I find it interesting people can think outside of the box on some aspects of quilting (accepting a new quilting aesthetic, being a man (if applicable) in a predominantly female activity, using modern-looking fabrics) but you don’t use your quilts blanket-like and all-of-a-sudden heads explode. After a long discussion with a friend this weekend I’ve come to the conclusion that, aside from entering quilts into competitions/shows, I’d be happy just making quilt tops. The top is where a majority of my creative energy is focused, the rest is satisfying but not necessary to me. It’s too hard to have this discussion online in little Facebook update-sized blurbs.

3. LA Quilt Show


In the spirit of honesty is the best policy I’ll describe the inaugural LA Quilt Show as: Not Good. For reasons I don’t know the show was planned in a very short amount of time and it showed. For Maureen and I it was an hour and a half drive for about 15 minutes-worth of quilt viewing. It wasn’t all bad, of course. Sew Modern debuted its mobile fabric shop and we got to chat with LAMQG friends. Alissa Haight-Carlton’s talk on modern quilting was good and I’m sure Latifah Saafir’s talk on Sunday would have been worth the drive alone. Luke Hayne’s free-ish class (free with paid entrance to the show, which is dang cheap for a Luke Haynes class) would have been a good selling point for driving to the show on Friday for my guild mates if I had know about it. If this show becomes a yearly event I hope the planners give themselves more time to make this a worthy replacement for Long Beach Festival.

4. Internet WHARRGARBL


If you are enough into quilting culture to understand the photo above then I don’t need to go over the details here and you already have an opinion about that little thread debacle. If you’re kinda stumped regarding why I’m sitting on Dana’s lap (at a quilt show) then..good for you! The long and short of it is that things have been changed for the better IMHO and it is time to move on. Discussion is always good but humor is BETTER.

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  1. I feel your pain in regard to quilting….I’m in the throws of quilting my fourth quilt since the beginning of summer. I stop in between quilting projects to do some improv piecing just to free my mind. Those days always feel like fresh air! That being said, can’t wait to see your tops with quilting as I love your eye for design and color……and humor….Alex watch out! or give Mad Tesla some free thread…that’ll work too!

  2. I am agonizingly up to date on thread-gate (crotch-gate?), but I missed your washing quilts debate. But I’m interested. I can’t quite glean enough from your post, so maybe this isn’t relevant, but sometimes I am amazed at the abuse I see inflicted on quilts. By quilters, I mean, not people who sincerely don’t care about them.

    Hey, is that Cactus, Aqua, School Bus, and Jade? I just used those together myself, I like it!

    • I’ll have to check to see what colors I used, you may be right! The washing post was on a ‘male quilters only’ FB group.

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