early September update



I’m still around! I finished the quilting on Off Centre and now I’m burying threads. LOTS AND LOTS of threads. There’s still a lot to do on this quilt but I’m confident I’ll have it finished by the QuiltCon entry deadline.

Yesterday we made a trip to Sew Modern. If you follow me on IG or Facebook you know I mention the shop all the time. I can’t praise it enough; Sew Modern has a spectacular selection of fabric and great employees. We wouldn’t drive the 1.5 hours to buy fabric if not for Lauren, Liz, Lisa, and the rest of the SM crew. If you’re local (or semi-local) I recommend you stop by. If not you can always buy from their online store.

Another month has flown by and tomorrow is the VMQG’s September meeting. This is the third year (out of three years the VMQG has existed)┬áthat I’ve been on the VMQG’s board and I’m hoping that tomorrow when we open the nomination period for the 2015 board that we’ll get a good turnout of nominees. It would be nice to be a ‘normal’ member for a while instead of worrying about dues, venues, meeting ideas, etc. all the time. New blood is important, if not you get the same people on the board year-in and year-out. That’s unfair to both the regular members AND to the perpetual board members. Finger crossed.

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  1. Nice to have you back blogging, although I do enjoy your IG and FB posts too. As to the VMQG, hopefully you’ll get the turnout that you want. Our guild elections are coming up soon, and I’m curious if we will have any volunteers.

  2. So how were the elections?

    I think that’s a *very* common issue in any organization. Especially when the current elected officials are good at their job(s). We have the same situation here. If you have any helpful hints (post-election) I’d love to hear them!

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