Homage Squared

I’ve wanted to make a quilt top homage to Josef Albers’ Homage to the Square for a while. A lucky Google search brought up this book which has a diagram of Albers’ four different Homage arrangements. I fell in love with a selection of chambray and denim fabrics from Robert Kaufman’s House of Denim collection which I thought would give the quilt a different look. The last element I added is that I kinda-sorta free-handed the cutting. I had a ruler on the fabric so I had a rough idea of the size I wanted to cut out but the actual cuts were made…not against the ruler. I wanted a recycled-clothes look to it; not Gee’s Bend levels of ‘reused’ but not perfect lines either. For the quilting I’m going to use 30 weight yellow-orange thread so it looks like the stitching on jeans. I have Christa to thank for the name: Homage Squared, which I’m modifying (slightly) to Homage2. I could get one good picture so I’m posting two mediocre ones:

09.25.2014a 09.25.2014b


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  1. Perfect!! Now I can’t to see it quilted. And I’m most impressed with your typing skills, I would even know how to make the raised “2”, LOL!!

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