Stop Motion Kona

I decided to make a stop-motion video of the opening of the fat quarter bundle I won from Robert Kaufman because so many people have asked me if I’ve started using the fabric. It was a great opportunity to play with my camera and I found a piece of software that would easy peasy make […]

On trends

I was asked (for a …thing, you’ll find out soon enough) what I thought three future trends in modern quilting would be. While I understand where the question came from, and that in some quilting circles trends are very important, I couldn’t give a straight answer. In retrospect I could have researched the question, looked […]

Mini Homage Quilting Done

It’s about 6 miles from perfect but I’m happy with the result. Mini Homage is a test of two different quilting components I haven’t used before: 28w thread and demin/chambray fabrics. I’ve used Essex linens before and, even though I loved working with them, they’re finicky. The same goes for these denims and chambrays. The next quilt, which […]

mini-Homage pin basted

Work at MadTesla HQ is still crawling but at least we pin basted the mini-Homage quilt. One of the benefits of making not-huge quilts is pin basting on our foldable banquet tables. Pin basting is no-one’s favorite part of the quilting process so anything that makes basting easier is appreciated. This next week is going to […]

The goggles do nothing!

Sometimes I find a print that hurts my quilting sensibilities to such an extent that the only thing I can do is buy some and have a giveaway. My theory is that if I hate this fabric SO MUCH I want to wash my eyes with bleach there’s gotta be someone who loves it with the same fervor. To […]

Catch-up Update

The last two weeks have been busy around Mad Tesla HQ so I haven’t accomplished much quilt-wise. I pieced a smaller (1/4-ish the size) version of my Homage2 quilt. I’m going to use this quilt top as both a practice quilt for my first attempt at quilting using 28wt thread and because I wanted to work on […]