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Sometimes I find a print that hurts my quilting sensibilities to such an extent that the only thing I can do is buy some and have a giveaway. My theory is that if I hate this fabric SO MUCH I want to wash my eyes with bleach there’s gotta be someone who loves it with the same fervor. To win 2.5 yards of this…atrocity leave a comment on this post describing what you’d make with it. If you want to buy your own get it where I got mine: Sew Modern.

unicorn fabric

it’s like a Trapper Keeper threw up

fine (but bolded and in a larger font size) print: US shipping only (I’m willing to ship internationally but we split the shipping). I’ll use one of those random-number thingie sites to choose a winner. I’ll pick a winner…soon. 

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  1. Hey, this would be a fabulous print to mix into the strip quilts I make for our local hospice organization. I take random width strips of fabric, from 2 1/2 to 10″ and sew them together to make a 55″ x 40″ (wof) quilt top. I’ve made a couple of dozen so far this year, but with the winter holiday season coming up, the hospice uses the lap quilts as part of their holiday care packages to the patients who don’t get visitors or family – and those people who are in an institution waiting to die tend not to have much color, so a 6″ or 8″ strip of this print mixed in with other fabric that I have received as donations (read bland if not really ugly) gives the patient something to brighten up their life. And unicorns and butterflies might go well for those with alzheimer’s, as they fondly remember things from their childhood.

    So yes,a strip of this fabric would definitely brighten the last days of a hospice patient, and the fact that I could stretch that 2.5 yards into a dozen or so quilts would mean that 12 hospice patients would have a bright holiday season.

    They hospice workers tell me that occasionally the patient passes their quilt onto their roommate if the family doesn’t want the quilt as a momento, while other times the quilt is buried with the patient as one of the things they held on to in their last days.

  2. So I’m the biggest rainbow/unicorn lover ever but this print is nuts. My daughter’s eyes would fall out of her head if I used this on the back of a quilt for her and made a matching pillow for her little curly three year old head. I just can’t see myself actually buying this fabric and trying to justify/explain it to my husband. So please have this magically appear on my doorstep! Ig: amyjoquilts

  3. Oh how I would love this! My 37-year-old son has a unicorn mask that he takes photos wearing, that he has taken all over the place in his travels. Like to Time Square, Peru, etc. I would love use this on the back of a modern quilt for him. (The two sides of his personality.)

  4. My daughter would pee her pants at the sight of this. I’d have to make a dress or backpack for her. Or, more likely, she’d steal it the moment she realized it was for her and sleep with it.

  5. I alternate between thinking it looks like a Breck commercial or the cover of a romance novel–it’s the hair! I only wish I had long hair to flip like that!

    This goes against *every* moral fiber of my being, but if I won it, I would make pillowcases for my 11 yr old BFF, crafty friend, Amanda, who I say is the spittin’ image of me at that age. She will adore it!

  6. I don’t know why I want this but I do. I might even need it. I dunno what to do with it though, maybe a lunch box? Ooh, a tea cosy to wake me up in the morning!

  7. For Christmas I’ll be making a quilt for my 14 y/o daughter. She is hilarious! She writes #yoloswag on paper (or dust) wherever she finds it in the house. She loves weird/unique/awesome fabric. I’m making a quilt that has #yoloswag pieced from the Spell it with Moda pattern. It will be scrappy-ish including fabric that an IG friend sent me of kittens wearing tutus and fairy wings (and it sparkles! Awesome!). Plus if I win the giveaway you don’t have to ship it and deal with pesky post offices

  8. It is EXACTLY as though a Trapper Keeper threw up. I’m half convinced that my 3rd grade Trapper Keeper was EXACTLY this image. Oy vey!

  9. Oh no. No, no no! That is pretty horrible. I can’t even think of what I’d make out of it! Please, don’t enter me in the drawing – let someone else revel in that glory. 😉

  10. I would flip out if I win this. I’d make the most ridiculous shirt for my 3yo daughter and save the rest for a binder or journal cover so I can relive my trapper keeper days forever.

  11. Oh lordy I saw this the other day at and had a vision of upholstery – an armchair? Or just pillow cases for special house guests. I already put out rainbow unicorn sheets.

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