Mini Homage Quilting Done


It’s about 6 miles from perfect but I’m happy with the result. Mini Homage is a test of two different quilting components I haven’t used before: 28w thread and demin/chambray fabrics. I’ve used Essex linens before and, even though I loved working with them, they’re finicky. The same goes for these denims and chambrays. The next quilt, which is pieced from these same fabrics, will be stich-in-the-ditch quilted with monofilament thread to stabilize it.

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  1. I haven’t seen the edges basted like that before. Did you do the before or after quilting? My guess is after. I really love this more masculine look, it is grossly underrepresented in the quilting world. Sensing a niche there… How about yarn-dyed? Has a somewhat similar look.

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