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I was asked (for a …thing, you’ll find out soon enough) what I thought three future trends in modern quilting would be. While I understand where the question came from, and that in some quilting circles trends are very important, I couldn’t give a straight answer. In retrospect I could have researched the question, looked into what is trending outside of quilting such as in interior design and fashion (quilting doesn’t exist in a bubble, trends must come from somewhere) and taken an educated guess. The answer I gave was that I have no clue will be trending in modern quilting in the future because I don’t care what is trending now. More than anything else I want my quilts to be original. I don’t want my quilts to look like everyone else’s quilts. If I’m going to dedicate X hours and financial resources to creating something the last thing I want it to look like is every other quilt on Instagram. While not part of the official MQG definition of modern quilting my personal definition puts a heavy influence on originality and uniqueness. In a world of red and white quilts (like in this beautiful exhibit at, coincidentally, Market) make a blue and orange one instead.


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  1. I so agree with this. And Christa. My style is much more minimalist than I tend to remember and now I have no fabric to work with in that style. Can’t afford buting more at the moment so will have to figure out a workaround. Some specific manufacturer of a huge range of solids perhaps? Am doing calculations for a pixel quilt.

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