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I was on the fence about running for the MQG national board until I spoke to Alissa at the LAMQG anniversary party. She asked me to so I did. Sometimes, but not always, I can persuaded to do things really easily. It’s going to be a lot of work, and that extra work is why I was hesitant about running. But that’s the thing about volunteering: you must have people who are willing to sacrifice their free time or NOTHING GETS DONE. I can’t be a hypocrite and not volunteer since in the past I’ve pointed out how few people volunteer to help and how much that cheeses me off. I hope to make my fellow MQG members proud to have me on the board for the next three years and I’m happy to see that all the other nominees are exemplary people.


Have you read the results of the Quilting in America 2014 survey? Nothing in the survey really surprises me, mostly because I don’t spend too much time thinking about the typical quilter. I’m not in the ‘business’ so these stats don’t have an impact on my day-to-day life. What I am happy about is that even though I have very little in common with the ‘typical’ quilter my interests and aesthetic are catered to, in no small part due to the Modern Quilt Guild. I can easily find inspiration or shopping opportunities which I’m sure Mrs. Typical Quilter doesn’t give two hoots about. I’m not the person the quilt industry should be worrying about, and yet I’m a very content quilter. That’s says a lot about the quilt industry IMHO.


Yeah, I’m not motivated today to get anything done. I keep looking at the project on the design wall and it’s not inspiring me, at least enough to iron and sew. Instead of sewing I organized paperwork. I found this certificate and it made me smile. I hope that my career on the MQG board is worthy of a Rainbow Super Star.

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  1. That right there my friend is how peer pressure is meant to be used 🙂
    Considering all that you have already done for The MQG before being on the board, you definitely deserve a new certificate…maybe with a cat on it this time.

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