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Blogs should be like Tamagotchi, if you ignore them the ‘parent’ should receive updates that Your blog feels ignored! and You haven’t fed your blog in X days! Thing is: I haven’t posted lately because I haven’t finished anything. My goal for the last two months was to use up my stash of denims/chambray/etc. I started a string pieced quilt but put that aside before piecing the completed blocks together. My initial idea is too damn big of a quilt, I don’t want to fight that thing through my machine. I also found on my previous attempts to quilt with the garment fabrics that they’re harder to work with than quilting cottons. My solution to that (thanks to the advice of Jen) was interfacing. I set those blocks aside (I’ve started back on them tonight) and, since I was still in the mood to make blocks, I started on a design I saw online and liked: a scrappy herringbone quilt. I added improv to the mix and got to work.

write it down before I forget

write it down before I forget

The interfacing helps the fabric from wiggling around but you also lose the ability to ease the fabric to help nest seams. I love it and will use it again (I have lots more House of Denim fabric).






I’m not looking forward to pin basting this, the interfacing makes the quilt THICK.

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  1. Love this quilt, I’m enjoying the denim work. SF 101 is the bomb for many things, but try Pellon Sheerweight next time? I think it would give you the same stability, more flexibility, and considerably less weight and thickness. It’s commonly used in t-shirt quilts for the same purpose. I had to make a tee quilt for my mom and it was perfect.

  2. This is incredible. I love all of the texture. I would never have thought of interfacing the blocks before quilting, that’s a fantastic tip. As always you blow me away with your improv. I want to be like you when I grow up!

  3. Quilt looks fabulous!!! Have you tried spray basting?
    Love the Tamagotchi idea. My blog died long, long ago, and my IG has been left to languish in recent times too. I’m trying to actually do some stuff so I have something to share. Not enough hours in the day!!!

    Kelly 🙂
    aka rainbowkelf

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