Black and Grey and Blue All Over

My last two quilt tops were inspired by Chawne’s quilts. In January 2014 Maureen and I attended the SoCal MQG Sew-In in Los Angeles and I won a Robert Kaufman True Blue Colorstory fabric bundle. It sat on my bookcase for over a year because I couldn’t figure out what to do with a bunch of blue fabric. I added the one yellow block because I thought the quilt needed a focal point. The yellow square may be outnumbered by all the blue but this uniqueness makes it important.



When I was one block short of finishing the blue top I ran out of fabric. I placed an order with Sew Modern but I couldn’t pick up my fabric order a few days so I resorted to Plan B. Last year (or maybe the year before that?) I bought a Robert Kaufman Silent Film Roll Up to make a strip quilt. I sewed the whole roll into one continuous strip then got bored with the project and stuffed it into a tote bag. I pulled the bag off my bookcase a month or so ago because I wanted to find a use for the fabric. Since the fabric was already cut into strips (well, technically, ONE strip) it worked well for this kind of project.


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  1. wow..these are really pretty vivid quilts you made.
    Could I ask more detail of making them?
    Sew up to strips, cut strips in random size.
    Then pick up random piece, sew all that into 30 blocks? Thanks!

    Yes, that yellow fabric stands out; make me think of the story book “Swimmy” by Leo Lionni.
    Good to be different.

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