Black and Grey and Blue All Over

My last two quilt tops were inspired by Chawne’s quilts. In January 2014 Maureen and I attended the SoCal MQG Sew-In in Los Angeles and I won a Robert Kaufman True Blue Colorstory fabric bundle. It sat on my bookcase for over a year because I couldn’t figure out what to do with a bunch of blue fabric. I added […]

Late March Wrap-Up

I probably should have kept notes on what happened in the last two+ months. The ‘too long, didn’t read’ answer would be: lots of work and QuiltCon. QuiltCon was a whirling dervish of activity. I arrived at my hotel in Austin after midnight Thursday night/Friday morning and didn’t slow down until the flight back Sunday evening. […]

Your Tamagotchi has mummified

Blogs should be like Tamagotchi, if you ignore them the ‘parent’ should receive updates that Your blog feels ignored! and You haven’t fed your blog in X days! Thing is: I haven’t posted lately because I haven’t finished anything. My goal for the last two months was to use up my stash of denims/chambray/etc. I started a string pieced quilt […]

Kona Homage Back

I needed a…cruise control(?) project on Saturday; something I could sew together without too much thinking. I pieced the back from the larger pieces left over from the Homage front. Iron, square off the pieces, sew, straighten out and repeat. It was fun, I even found two or three decent horror movies on Netflix to keep […]

Kona Homage

I promise this is my last Homage project. I wanted to make one Albers-themed quilt using Kona Cottons and I had the fat quarter bundle of Konas I won on Instagram to use. I cut out all the pieces, put them up on my design wall, and then I was totally underwhelmed by it. This project […]

News, Interesting Info & Meh

I was on the fence about running for the MQG national board until I spoke to Alissa at the LAMQG anniversary party. She asked me to so I did. Sometimes, but not always, I can persuaded to do things really easily. It’s going to be a lot of work, and that extra work is why […]

Stop Motion Kona

I decided to make a stop-motion video of the opening of the fat quarter bundle I won from Robert Kaufman because so many people have asked me if I’ve started using the fabric. It was a great opportunity to play with my camera and I found a piece of software that would easy peasy make […]

On trends

I was asked (for a …thing, you’ll find out soon enough) what I thought three future trends in modern quilting would be. While I understand where the question came from, and that in some quilting circles trends are very important, I couldn’t give a straight answer. In retrospect I could have researched the question, looked […]